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Lunda Builds Superior Project Management Reporting


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Gregory Seichter | Change Management Lead
Lunda Construction

Daxx Roberts

Daxx Roberts | Senior Developer

When it comes to project management, Lunda Construction Company (div. of Tutor Perini) has its hands full. Founded in 1938, the company is a major civil and industrial general contractor providing services across the United States. Lunda battled with job cost reporting and cost-to-completes, which cut into the company’s job profitability. By integrating DAS for scheduled reporting, Lunda drastically condensed the time required for tracking costs. The process concurrently eliminated errors from manual documentation. Join Greg Seichter, Change Management Lead, as he shares Lunda’s collective experiences:

  • Applying hyperlinks for instant data mining of costs
  • Delivering timely data to Project Managers regarding project performance
  • Using bursts for labor reporting to control resources for each project
  • Creating presentations for action-based decision making
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