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12:00 PM – 12:50 PM MDT

Reporting Tool Consolidation




Paul Krueger | CIO
J.B. Poindexter


Victor Dominey | Director, Sales

Tool consolidation is vital in a rapidly changing world. Sooner or later, nearly every company finds itself owning multiple reporting software applications, increasing waste and risk. These technologies often become obsolete or fall into disuse. Over time, employee training and adoption across the enterprise, coupled with the need to support a multitude of tools, becomes a costly security, IT, and HR liability. Mismatched technologies force users to retrieve partial data, resulting in inaccurate reporting. Learn how to fully leverage the #1 JD Edwards reporting solution that you already own. Move to one vendor and make the most out of your existing investment. Join a discussion with Paul Krueger, CIO of JB Poindexter, about how the company made tools consolidation a priority across the enterprise.

  • Eliminate duplication of reporting across the organization
  • Spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing information
  • Standardize and scale your communication strategy
  • Train and hire for one skillset
  • Centralize your security in an increasingly changing world
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