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JD Edwards Built-In Smarts

Consider how long it takes for you to get the reports you need out of JD Edwards. Experience ReportsNow and you will never look back.

JD Edwards Smarts

ReportsNow customers quickly realize that our software is a tool that they can not live without. Our built-in intelligence about JD Edwards has a lot to do with it. It is also why our software is able to empower end users to own their reporting needs and alleviate the burden from IT.

Here are just a few examples of what is built-in

  • Julian to gregorian date conversion automatically on all date columns
  • JD Edwards users and security inherited
  • Associated descriptions added as searchable columns to reports with a double click
  • Relative dates and periods on reports based on JD Edwards fiscal date patterns
  • Bill of material explosion presented in parent/child hierarchy
  • Media objects available in reports
  • Unit of Measure calculation based on factors defined in JD Edwards

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