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Mobile Business Intelligence for the Enterprise

Mobie® is mobile business intelligence for every type of enterprise application. It provides the strategic intelligence that every company needs. Harness the power of a fully automated BI stack that produces graphical narratives with built-in JD Edwards smarts.

See the story hidden in JD Edwards data

Mobie transforms raw data into interactive visualizations that identify business trends to uncover a hidden story. Consolidate multiple reports into a single interface that combines disparate applications and centralizes vital insights. Watch mobie illustrate a comprehensive business picture in ways that no solitary report can.

  • Extract, transform and assemble data from multiple reports into a Web-based interface
  • Use any type of DAS report to build dashboards
  • Construct slide shows by mixing and matching dashboards and ProReports
  • Create optimized data warehouses to accelerate dashboard and ProReport loading time
  • Publish dashboards and ProReports to JD Edwards users, non-JD Edwards employees, external parties, and portals

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Total dashboard interactivity

Mobie provides complete interactivity of visualizations. Master filtering, interactive widgets, and the intuitive drag-and-drop design allow users to construct dashboards in a virtually unlimited number of ways. Users can tailor their experiences to their business needs.

  • Centralize a variety of data widgets into a single dashboard
  • Publish and access dashboards from any type of browser or device
  • Interact with a touch-enabled display that uses intuitive charts and graphics
  • Design schemes with a drag-and-drop feature
  • Create hyperlinks between dashboards
  • Drill down inside widgets to view underlying data details

Endless possibilities

Mobie builds sophisticated, inquiry-based reporting systems that can be made available on the Web. With the combined power of other ReportsNow products, mobie yields results that simplify strategic intelligence processes.

  • View sophisticated dashboards and ProReports on any Web-based device
  • Manage the frequency and recurrence of data-refreshing with Automator
  • Make key performance indictors timely, relevant, and accessible
  • Watch your data take shape using custom EZShapes® shapefiles and choropleth maps

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