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Making sense of large amounts of data requires compelling visualizations that are customized to the data being visualized. mobie® dashboards allow you to build those visualizations. Among the visualizations supported in mobie are shape files (also known as Chloropleth Maps) that allow you to tag a map with properties that your data can be associated to. The most common examples of these are maps, such as a map of the world in which you want to associate data values to different countries on a world map. Being able to build custom shape files to more specifically represent your business data can open up a whole new world of compelling visualizations.

EZShapes simplifies the task of creating custom shape files. Some of the tedious tasks that EZShapes makes easy are:

  • Automatic tracing of existing images
  • Simplifying existing shape files to reduce the level of detail (for faster download)
  • Updating property annotations on shapes to reflect your data
  • Merging or splicing existing shapes

All of that and more in an easy to use Web interface can take your data visualizations to a whole new level.

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