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Data Access Studio 7

It is time to change what you expect from a reporting solution. Complex and time-consuming technology platforms are no longer acceptable. All types of users want to get the information they need without waiting weeks or months for IT.

A real-time reporting platform for JD Edwards

Data Access Studio enables business users to easily create queries, operational reports, and analytics. Together with Automator and Templates it also alleviates the burden on IT resources and overall infrastructure.

  • Quickly find information using table & column descriptions and intelligent search
  • Easily format report columns, add calculations & filters and organize & summarize data
  • Dynamically present results in Excel charts and pivot tables
  • Effortlessly save and share reports to be run by colleagues and distribute report output

DAS Dashboards


Easy report creation

ReportsNow unlocks the power of your JDE data with the capabilities that simplify the creation of reports and dashboards. You can empower even non-technical users to design and create the solutions they need without adding to IT’s workload.

  • Queries, report design, scheduling—all in a single tool
  • Processes associated with native JDE reporting tools (such as promotions and package builds) are eliminated
  • Industry-leading ad hoc capabilities
  • Create reports in minutes without assistance from IT
  • Built-in drilldowns out of the box, with the capability to create your own custom drilldowns
  • More than 70 calculations can be mixed and matched in a virtually unlimited number of ways

Simpler search capabilities

The process of creating a report or dashboard starts with finding the exact information you want to include. ReportsNow offers intuitive search tools that help you zero in on the precise JDE components you need. Even novice users without extensive knowledge of JDE systems and reporting can build a report from scratch and easily modify an existing report.

  • Google-like search capabilities
  • Access to all data, all tables, all business views, and all modules
  • Use the English language description or screen names to find any table, business view, report, or dashboard
  • Requires little knowledge of JDE tables, system codes, and table IDs
  • Find pre-built and existing reports in a snap


DAS External Connections

Quick external data connections

Generate new insights from your JDE data by linking your reports to external information sources. With ReportsNow, you can combine data from multiple areas of your business to discover new trends and uncover new opportunities.

  • Any database: Oracle, SQL, Access, DB2, Excel spreadsheets, and data in the cloud
  • Access granted by user via Sys Admin
  • 32- or 64-bit connections
  • Connect to anything accessible via an ODBC connection
  • Report against external data sources in real time
  • Blend external data with JDE data
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