JD Edwards Built-In Smarts

A Proven Approach to JD Edwards Strategic Intelligence

JD Edwards Built-In Smarts

ReportsNow is the world-leading reporting and business intelligence solution provider that unleashes the operability of JD Edwards data. If you own JD Edwards, start a conversation with us and see the tangible value and impact we provide.

BI Is Broken, ReportsNow Is Here to Fix It

Too often, businesses get burned by BI projects that overpromise and underdeliver. These arduous implementations come with huge expenses and drawn-out processes while still producing subpar results and unfulfilled goals. Even after inadequacies are resolved, BI tools do not provide adequate operational JD Edwards (JDE) reporting.

JD Edwards business intelligence is broken, and ReportsNow aims to solve that.

Why settle for anything less than enterprise-ready, full-spectrum JD Edwards solutions? In roughly an hour for implementation, users get high-value and impactful business intelligence at a remarkable return on investment. Better returns mean fewer internal resources, more dashboards, more users, more flexibility, and more options. Unveil hidden and powerful information inside JD Edwards data with ReportsNow.

Turn Your BI Vision into Reality

JD Edwards is in our DNA. It is at the heart of everything we do. The ReportsNow difference has been crafted over 17 years with familiarity, expertise, and technology in mind. Combining our cornerstone of premier BI solutions with an interactive customer experience turns your BI vision into a reality. Pairing our communal user-base with innovative thought leadership transforms BI strategy.

Our experts accumulated an unmatched collective JDE knowledge throughout a decade of first working for the company JD Edwards and then delivering reporting solutions to thousands of users. The result is an intimate understanding of all-things JD Edwards. With a stellar reputation for training and support, ReportsNow empowers users while offering assistance at every step of the reporting journey.

Our built-in JDE smarts permeate throughout the entirety of all products and services. ReportsNow continues to evolve with JD Edwards to modernize and maximize its potential.

The ReportsNow Difference in Action

Unleash the full potential of data with a portfolio of our products. The ReportsNow difference means tangible solutions for the entirety of JDE reporting pain points. Date conversions, JD Edwards fiscal patterns, searchable associated descriptions, and user-defined unit of measure calculations are all easy with ReportsNow. We improve data mining and analysis processes no matter what your reporting challenges may be.

What powerful features are inside?

  • Report-creation in minutes
  • Best-in-class JD Edwards integrations
  • Ability to combine data from multiple sources
  • Interactive dashboards and advanced visual report formatting
  • Streamlined report performance
  • Central administration
  • Scalability that corresponds to your business model

The Proof is Only a Conversation Away

Getting started is easy. Begin a conversation with our experts via email or phone to receive a tailored demonstration that will align with your most critical business needs. Additionally, download a free trial, attend a webinar, or talk with a peer who runs ReportsNow.

Our customers are our biggest advocates. We encourage you to speak with any of over 500 clients for a testament specific to your industry and business environment. Let your peers’ unbiased opinions provide a clear look into the entire ReportsNow experience.

For those who prefer to test things out for themselves, we invite you to a risk-free, complimentary 30-day trial that provides the full version of our entire product suite. Along with complete software access, take advantage of free training, courtesy of our JD Edwards report-writing experts. In your own JD Edwards environment, discover and apply solutions that address your exact business needs. At the conclusion of the trial, you will be in the best position to make an informed decision.

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