A 3-Part ReportsNow Deep-Dive Series for You

Your ReportsNow partner is again bringing you educational content that is relevant in the current business climate. This July, we are offering a complimentary 3-part deep-dive webinar series beneficial to all JD Edwards business environments. These deep dives will sharpen your skillset, will revisit reporting techniques you may have forgotten, and will showcase how to use DAS and mobie™ in new ways.

Register now for three distinct, 90-minute educational sessions:

July 2 – Session 1 / Diving Deeper into Table Lookups
Learn to slice and dice your JD Edwards data in ways that help guide business decisions using data joins for multiple tables, lookups, and external data sources. Uncover the differences between associated descriptions and bring backs. Gain the ability to deduplicate data entries and use columns as filters to fine-tune reports that use multiple tables.

July 16 – Session 2 / Diving Deeper into Calculations and Hyperlinking
Discover everyday tips and tricks that you can add to your toolbox when building calculations and hyperlinks inside reports. Incorporate JD Edwards text and media attachments into DAS reports. Master our built-in JD Edwards smarts. Learn how to use calculations such as unit conversions, workday calculations, customized parameters, distinct counts, and relative periods.

July 30 – Session 3 / Diving Deeper into Optimized JDE Reporting
Learn ways to implement reporting best practices to improve performance, management, and publication of your reports. These best practices will leverage your JD Edwards configuration, resulting in faster report results, and streamline your report sharing process. Discover best practices for formatting both the presentation layer and ProReports™, and when you should use either solution.

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