Continuous Delivery

DAS 8 Release 14 is now available!

Some of you might be aware that ReportsNow adopted a continuous delivery software release model. Continuous delivery is a software engineering approach that produces updates in short cycles. This methodology is consistent with the release strategy for both Oracle JD Edwards as well as other industry-leading software vendors. All upgrades are included at no charge in your annual maintenance. We encourage you to stay up to date to benefit from the latest capabilities, features, and security updates.

How often is new functionality released?
We deliver updates 1 - 2 times per year on our Downloads page.

What is the current release of DAS?
DAS 8.0.14 GA (Release 14) is now available - watch the video to see the latest DAS development highlights. For the full list of changes, consult our User Guide or view the New DAS 8 Enhancements course on the ReportsNow Academy.

Key enhancements:

  • Expanded external data connection capabilities
  • Improved subscriber management for administrators
  • New workday offset calculation

How long is each release supported?
ReportsNow supports each DAS build for a period of 5 years from the official release date. Find the details of your timeline on the End of Life (EOL) chart.
Time sensitive: Builds prior to and including DAS 8.0.1 will reach EOL on July 1st, 2024.

Want to know your current version?
Login to DAS > Help > About Data Access Studio.

Ready to upgrade?
Get up and running on 8.0.14 in less than an hour.

Visit our knowledge base article for more information on Continuous Delivery for DAS. Need further assistance? Open a ticket on our Support Portal.

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