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ECMD’s Journey to Real-Time Reporting

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Brian Carter | VP, Information Technology


Jason Shumate | Director of IT

Daxx Roberts

Daxx Roberts | Assistant Director, Professional Services

Despite having access to years of data for reporting, ECMD faced challenges in product user adoption due to the one-day delay in data updates and the resulting distrust in the timeliness of the information. The issue was compounded by the emergence of numerous unofficial databases and spreadsheets, created to either augment or bypass the existing reporting software.
By replacing the old system with DAS, the company eliminated reliance on Access databases, recaptured 40% of the time previously spent on report writing, and most importantly, enabled direct live access to data insights. Join Daxx Roberts, Assistant Director of Professional Services at ReportsNow as he facilitates a panel discussion with two members of the ECMD team to discuss the transformation. Brian Carter, VP of IT, and Jason Shumate, Director of IT, will illuminate how DAS empowered self-service reporting, consolidated multiple products, and supercharged data accessibility across all levels of the organization.
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