2:00 PM – 2:50 PM MDT

This is the Captain Speaking: Push Auto-Pilot for Accounts Receivable


Daxx Roberts

Daxx Roberts| Assistant Director, Professional Services

Breaking the cycle of chasing past-due invoices feels like navigating out of a circular holding pattern, consuming valuable resources of time and money. How can AR departments liberate themselves from this perpetual cycle of sending, updating, processing, and communicating? The answer is automation! Ascend above the turbulence with streamlined statements, pre-scheduled invoices, and optimized operations that elevate your financial performance. Join Daxx Roberts, Asst. Director of Professional Services, as he shares how to:

  • Use ProReports to build statements, list invoice information, and call sub-reports
  • Add PDF files to invoices by building hyperlinks
  • Build and schedule an automatic distribution report
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