I Didn't Know DAS Could Do This! AU Part 3

I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This! (AU/NZ – Part 3)

It’s hard to imagine after the first two events that there is still a lot of unexplored functionality we have to cover. At first, we explored data mining. Then we dove into table look-ups and calculations. And now we will share tips on automating historically error-prone manual processes.

Join us as we explore bursting, an essential delivery mechanism, but an often overlooked and underutilized part of a reporting strategy. The time has come to go beyond report creation. Discover creative methods of using Automator and bursting to always deliver data to the right person at the right time.

  • Burst a single report to a specific user or a group
  • Turn a burst into an interactive drilldown
  • Create a burst to bring data back from a second report
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