I Didn't Know DAS Could Do This! AU Part 4

I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This! (AU/NZ – Part 4)

We are excited to kick off the New Year by continuing the popular webinar series with “I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This! – Part 4”. You may have already had some exposure to the series as we covered topics such as automation, bursting, and combining multiple data sources.

We hope the fourth event will further enhance your reporting skills as we take a look at advanced data presentation strategies. Data presentation is both an art and a science. Learn new ways of using Excel presentation layers to create a narrative of beautiful and impactful graphics.

Join us as we help you maximize excel functionality to make pixel perfect presentations of your business-critical data.

  • Standardize the look and feel of your report templates
  • Create reusable custom DAS styles and formats
  • Design type, color, and outline themes
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