I Didn't Know DAS Could Do This! Part 5

I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This! (Part 5)

We have been both thrilled and humbled by the enthusiasm surrounding the “I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This!” webinars. However, good things come to an end as we present the series finale with “I Didn’t Know DAS Could Do This! – Part 5” on February 19th.

Would you like to grow into a report layout specialist? The series capstone will expand upon all you have learned throughout Parts 1-4 as we look at our new tool, ProReports. ProReports arranges data into printable pixel-perfect forms such as invoices, tax forms, and other financial statements. Having this data arrangement functionality will allow you to pull data from multiple reports onto specialized, customizable layouts.

Become a reporting pro and develop your skills in building and customizing advanced forms.

  • Break away from grid-style reporting and into specialized layouts
  • Combine multiple reports and data sources onto one report
  • Create customer statements, purchase orders, or pay statements
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