JDE Innovation Road Show (AU, NZ)

Keeping Our (AU, NZ) Customers In The Know

If you’re wondering how the recent announcement regarding Oracle support for JD Edwards customers will affect you, we’re here to help.

Fusion5 is hosting a series of Education and Update sessions for all our JD Edwards customers covering the following:

JDE and the 5 IT Megatrends” Your Digital Journey with JD Edwards

Learn how JD Edwards will actively contribute to your organisation’s Digital journey – how you can use JDE as a tool to navigate the 5 big IT Megatrends (Social, Mobile, Cloud, IoT & Big Data) affecting business today. This is an eye-opening presentation with details on how you can ensure that your JD Edwards is contributing to aligning your strategy.

JDE Product Updates from Collaborate 2017

Get a full update of what has been announced; understand the implications on your business; and start to formulate your IT digital roadmap based on this new strategic direction.

Fusion5 & Myriad IT Merger Update

Learn how the recent merger of Fusion5 and Myriad IT to form a market-leading IT system integrator can benefit you, and support you in reaching your digital goals in the new world.

Transform your JDE Reporting with ReportsNow

Discover how to get great looking analytics and reporting in a flexible, affordable way.

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