Webinar - Overcome Excel Dependency

Overcome Excel Dependency

A reporting strategy that predominantly relies on information hidden in antiquated spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Excel may be suitable for internal information sharing, but it lacks the ability to visualize your key performance indicators. Plus, it is prone to human error and makes for arduous report writing.

Join ReportsNow to learn how a user-friendly, self-service reporting solution can meet the unique needs of your JDE organization. There must be a better way to report across multiple data sources, create dynamic graphs that enliven information, and distribute unrevealed analysis across the entire enterprise. Break free from pivot table look ups and embrace effortless point-and-click calculations.

  • Get away from time-consuming worksheets while avoiding the risk of formula errors
  • Realize advantages of an intuitive interface that allow for distributions and visualizations
  • Create an on-demand data analysis and distribution strategy

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