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PLUG – ReportsNow Versus PowerBI: A Realtime Shootout

Business intelligence software is a cornerstone of any organization’s data toolkit. In today’s digital age, having self-service tools that empower employees, at all levels, in any role of the business is critical. Companies want to spend budgets on recruiting resources that are core to their business. Hiring programmers to spend endless amounts of time sifting through thousands of JD Edwards records, conducting table mappings, renaming conventions, data trimming, date conversions, and other mind-numbing efforts is no longer a desire.

With so many options available on the current market, it is necessary to understand the differences in capability and ease-of-use between JD Edwards reporting and business intelligence solutions. ReportsNow solutions are designed explicitly for JD Edwards users at every level of the organization

Attend our interactive lab, where we will make a side-by-side report creation and dashboard comparison of ReportsNow and Power BI. If you are exploring these tools to deploy business intelligence into your organization, this lab will provide an evaluation of differences in operability:

  • Uncover the distinctions in how both serve JD Edwards-centric businesses
  • See the contrasts throughout report creation, row and column configuration, and table and field alias lookups
  • Learn about data disparities when importing from JD Edwards, what formula creation involves, and how to build advanced calculations
  • Evaluate the usability of both tools and the level of experience required to create reports and dashboards
  • Compare the steps, the clicks and the time spent when using each tool

Anna Boskie, Data Scientist and Alan VanNice, VP Customer Solutions at ReportsNow

 October 15, 2020
 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (MST)

Immediately following our presentation will be PLUG networking with games, prizes, and a virtual happy hour.

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