Reporting That's Right for You

Reporting That’s Right for You

While there is a fair amount of reporting similarities between organizations, ultimately, the needs of each company are unique. Some focus on real time reporting, others on building complex presentations and meaningful dashboards. Some need user-friendly tools, others are seeking a solution that would consolidate JDE and non-JDE data.

Mindful of your unique set up, of your JDE ecosystem and data dispersion, and of your need for role base reporting and for integrations, the ReportsNow team created a platform that achieves a balance in which both IT and business users gain solutions that meet companywide needs.

Join us for a 3-part webinar series to discover a unique permutation of reporting and BI that matches your business requirements. We go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn to organize your data more effectively, to achieve peace-of-mind through security strategies, and to add functional flavor to your data illustrations.

  • April 30th: How to implement data operations specific to your business demands. Extract, automate, and deliver your data to the right users at the right times.
  • May 21st: How dashboard and menu-based security keeps your data exclusively in the hands of those that need it. Discover the administrative security abilities that ReportsNow reporting provides.
  • June 11th: Excavate your JDE data to build telltale visualizations to make important business decisions. Learn ways of adding visual context to your presentation layer.

One-time registration gives you access to all three events. Upon completion you will have the exact vision on how to meet your exact operational, security, and visualization needs.

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