SIG Presentation - Adding Transparency Across Your Supply Chain

SIG Presentation: Adding Transparency Across Your Supply Chain

Join ReportsNow at the upcoming Quest Manufacturing and Distribution SIG call on August 27th for the ‘Adding Transparency Across Your Supply Chain’ presentation.

Data is abundant throughout the course of supply chain vehicle movements. Yet it is still challenging to centralize the data into one functional interface. Supply chain transparency is crucial to navigating logistical adversity during the shipment process to provide insights to all levels of a business. From inception to final delivery, visibility into your supply chain can be accomplished by forming access to multiple data sources throughout a vehicle’s journey.

ReportsNow’s data scientists created a sophisticated yet elegant way of helping companies go beyond typical, manually intensive supply chain tracking to state-of-the-art visualizations. Learn interactive maps, unit of measure conversions, predictive on-time delivery using longitude and latitude tracking, and real-time informative dashboards. Ensure that your logistical data is being fully utilized for more streamlined operations.

  • Discover how to create a real-time virtual map that tracks the journey of vehicle movements
  • Learn how DAS and mobie™ use external data sources in conjunction with JD Edwards to create reports and dashboards
  • Realize the benefits of a transparent supply chain that predicts on-time delivery
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