ReportsNow Value for JD Edwards

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Best Value for Your Money

We built-in intelligence about the nuances of JD Edwards data so you don't have to worry about it.

Best Value

ReportsNow offers the clearest path to a high-value, low-cost reporting solution for JD Edwards. Complex solutions that require highly skilled technical resources are a thing of the past. And most importantly, ReportsNow is low risk to your IT infrastructure and integrity of your JD Edwards data since our products are read-only.

We are able to deliver on this proposition because our solutions are easy to install, maintain and use. In addition, they provide powerful reporting and dashboarding capabilities across a comprehensive spectrum of reporting needs. Both business users and IT discover that ReportsNow is a tool that drives better business results and is something that they can no longer live without.

With ReportsNow you can expect to

  • Install and start running in 20 minutes
  • Login with your JD Edwards credentials right away
  • Train new users to create and run reports in less than a day
  • Administer and maintain with the help of our high-quality support team
  • Benefit from regular software updates including new features and capabilities

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