Solving Exportation Challenges Using Automated Reporting

Webinar: Solving Exportation Challenges Using Automated Reporting

Companies that operate on a global scale or use logistical processes to distribute products in various geographical areas can often run into complex reporting requirements.

CTB Inc. used a well-crafted reporting strategy to overcome exportation challenges for varying obligations in exportation tax, invoicing, and auditing. It was clear that an Excel spreadsheet approach to its JD Edwards data was far too labor-intensive. The company developed reports to accelerate the documentation process, applied automation and auto-fills that instantly draws data for exportation credentials. Today, its exportation and auditing processes are enhanced to be accurate and swift, ultimately requiring less effort.

Join CTB’s Teena Amonett, Customer Service Manager and ReportsNow’s Kristen Bassett, to learn how to automate quick, efficient, and compliant global exportation documentation. Overcome the challenges when exporting goods to many countries for the variable requirements in taxation, invoicing, documentation, and audits.

  • Build real-time reports that display open A/R with aging and include drilldowns into finer details
  • Save reports on a network folder instead of distributing via email
  • Burst reports to multiple people and business units to automate delivery
  • Automate processes by consolidating reports into a single output as separate tabs with associated graphs
  • Construct interactive dashboards with defined and automated refresh intervals

  • THU, NOV 12, 2020
  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (MST)
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