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Virtual Hands-on Workshops With Our Experts (Financials)

Due to popular demand for the Financials hands-on workshop, we have added a second class on September 13th.

The data inside JD Edwards is a collection of numbers. Knowing how to turn raw data into meaningful information is the key. ReportsNow workshops are a series of interactive classes where our experts provide hands-on instruction and feedback on reports development to supplement normal training. With our experts' help, you'll learn how to ask the right questions of your data and see how different report types answer them. You will leave our workshop with skills and knowledge that will help you achieve your business goals.

Each deep-dive workshop covers questions and challenges common to JDE modules including sales, purchasing, financials, and manufacturing. We’ll discuss tips, techniques, and best practices to build the skills you need to create powerful, effective reports.

Learning-by-doing is essential for nurturing critical skills.
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Financials – September 13, 2022

Financials teams need to generate accurate reports on a regular basis, but it can be challenging to know where to start and how to get the most out of your data. It's not easy to create the perfect Financials report. You must know which data to include, what format to use, and how to present it in a way that's easy for decision makers to understand.

Our experts will help you build a Financials report in real-time, addressing your common data questions along the way. We'll show you how to work constructively with different types of reports, forms, and dashboards. You'll leave our workshop with hands-on practical experience.

  • Build automated reports to conserve time and increase accuracy
  • Create hyperlinks that connect to JD Edwards data
  • Setup each type of presentation layer: Excel, Dashboards, and ProReports
  • Design dashboard widgets to interpret information easily, quickly, and precisely
  • Develop drilldowns to sub-reports that explore the details of your data


  • DAS Basics training
  • Ability to find JD Edwards tables
  • Competency in grouping, totaling, calculating, and building filters and parameters in DAS
  • Knowledge of joining tables

Date: September 13, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM MDT
Location: Virtual
Cost: $100/person per class

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