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ReportsNow and DAS are here to empower your brain trust to efficiently assemble information into a centralized reporting and business intelligence tool. Some notable features you will be experiencing include best-in-class JDE integration, the ability to integrate multiple sources of data, creation of stunning interactive dashboards, training opportunities to fit all skillsets, and support at your fingertips; all of which are scalable, secure, and mobile friendly. This document will highlight all that ReportsNow has to offer while you begin your implementation.


Technical assistance to maximum efficiency in your DAS rollout
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Flexible and personalized training including ReportsNow Academy
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Professional Services

Assistance in creating complex reports or when facing substantial backlogs
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Contracts, Billing & Sales

Accounting, pricing, sales, and other product information
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To maximize the effectiveness of your rollout, DAS Administrators should pursue the following recommendations regarding the support of your team.

Primary DAS Administrators

To best support DAS users, ReportsNow suggests that you designate a primary DAS Administrator. Doing this allows our team the ability to better assist your company on support tickets, important release notes, and other issues that may require immediate attention.

Backup DAS Administrators

In some cases, your primary DAS Administrator may be on vacation or have left the company. For this reason, it is important to have a backup administrator to avoid any lapses in functionality or support.

Selecting Your DAS Support Team

Industry best practices have shown that establishing a software support team maximizes your ROI, prevents end-user frustration, improves product adoption, and allows you to stay current on release levels. Therefore, in addition to the primary and backup DAS administrators, at a minimum the following members for your support team are recommended:

  • A business stakeholder who is a DAS end user assigned to the support team. This person should be a primary point of contact. The business end user primarily stays in contact with ReportsNow regarding releases, upgrades, training, account management, trade shows, and more.
  • A procurement or authorized contract authority related to billing and account questions.
  • Super users and internal help desk support to have a resource available to answer initial questions from your DAS end users before escalating to ReportsNow.

Please take time to establish your support team before rollout so your DAS users know to whom they address questions and concerns. This way, ReportsNow can ensure your rollout and ongoing support is utilized to its full potential.

ReportsNow DAS Support

Your DAS Administrator and/or other key stakeholders will most likely provide you with internal processes addressing DAS, including help related questions. Additional resources that may assist you include:

Internal DAS Support Team – Begin your support journey with internal help processes established for quick resolution. This may include going to a super user, an internal help desk, a supervisor, or your DAS administrators.

Support Portal – DAS Administrators and your support team are encouraged to visit the ReportsNow Support Portal. This portal contains white papers, knowledge base items, installation and system administration documents, user manuals, support tickets, and community interactions. Appropriate users should register to the portal. If you have already registered for ReportsNow Academy, understand that these are two separate systems. We recommend using the same username and password for both to avoid having to memorize two unique passwords.

Staying Current on the Latest DAS Release – If your company maintains a paid service maintenance contract, you may upgrade to the latest DAS release for free. Check out the ReportsNow Downloads page to get the most recent release candidate or general release version of DAS. New features based on client requests or bug fixes are regularly added on this page.

If you are unsure if you are updated to the current release, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into DAS
  2. Choose the Help menu at the top of the window
  3. Select the About Data Access Studio button

Your company may have a refresh strategy in place or require certain internal upgrade requirements before installing the latest release. Check with your appropriate internal contact for these types of questions.

Still Have Technical Questions? Open a support ticket for a technical issue (not training or report writing issues) by sending an email to support@reportsnow.com, or by using the Submit A Request form on the Support Portal. A member of our Support team will contact you shortly thereafter to help resolve your problem. Our support hours are from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (MT). For our technical support policy please see ReportsNow Technical Support Policy.


Flexible training options can be catered to your company’s needs and budget. ReportsNow offers a variety of packages for both new and seasoned report writers. Contact training@reportsnow.com to schedule classes based on the options listed below:

Instructor-led Classes (Virtual or Onsite)

Instructor-led classes are recommended to maximize retention and create a dialogue between users and trainers. Trainers utilize your company’s actual data to perform coursework, refine various skills and create reports that may be immediately used in your production environment.

HQ Training

Course offerings at our Denver headquarters location for customers with just a few individuals to train, or for those who simply want to get out of the office and attend classes with other customers.

ReportsNow Academy (RNA)

RNA contains hundreds of online, self-paced training videos and simulations. These cover basic, intermediate, and advanced DAS content including net change, simulations, and webinars. The site is continuously updated with new content related to the latest releases. Access to videos and simulations is possible once users register and login via the RNA Login Page. There’s no limit to the number of users who can register for access to ReportsNow Academy. Contact training@reportsnow.com to enroll in our online academy.

Unblocking Firewalls – Set the domain @reportsnow.com as a recognized email domain in order to receive RNA registration emails in addition to all other ReportsNow distributions. Add www.reportsnow.com and www.screencast.com as valid websites to view RNA content.

Valid User Email Domains – Email training@reportsnow.com with any valid company email domains based on your signed service level agreements. Only valid company email domains will be added to our whitelist for access to RNA. Personal email addresses will not be valid for employee use.

Training Manuals Content – By default, RNA users are blocked from seeing the training manuals reserved for customers who have registered to RNA. Registered users must email training@reportsnow.com to request access to the training manuals content.

System Administration Content – By default, RNA users are blocked from seeing system administration content reserved for customers who have registered to RNA. Registered users must email training@reportsnow.com to request access to this content. Email us a list of users that should be authorized to access this content.

RNA User Registration -Visit the RNA Registration page to fill out the registration form. It is necessary that users input an authorized company email domain and not a personal email address. Within 5 minutes, users will receive a validation email to their registered email address asking to verify their email address. If users haven’t received this email after 5 minutes, please check junk or spam folders and inform your web administrator to whitelist the @reportsnow.com domain. Once a user clicks on the validation link, it will redirect them to the RNA, where they can immediately begin browsing all content.

Password Resets – If users forget their RNA password, direct them to the login screen and select Retrieve Password where they will be sent a temporary password. If no password retrieval email is received, be sure to check spam or junk folders. Subsequently, users may sign in with their temporary password and reset to a new password.

RNA Access Issues – Be sure you are using your work email address as your username and your current RNA password, not your DAS login username and password. Accounts are locked for ten minutes after five unsuccessful login attempts. Report any issues with RNA registration process to training@reportsnow.com.

Professional Services

ReportsNow offers professional assistance for situations such as creating complex reports and overcoming substantial backlogs.

DAS Report Writing Support

Do you have a question about report writing or have complex reports where your time would be better utilized elsewhere? Seeking to automate your reports? Wishing to utilize the report writing knowledge of our consultants to speed up your learning curve? Let ReportsNow Professional Services help you. Contact our Professional Services team at profserv@reportsnow.com. We offer several packages for completing reports in their entirety or developing reports side-by-side with your users in a mentoring capacity.

DAS Templates

If your company subscribes to DAS Templates, you will have access to hundreds of default templates and pre-built reports for use as a starting point. Designers will notice Templates on the DAS home screen as they inquire on common JDE application names or specific JDE tables. For Templates inquiries, or to subscribe to Templates, please email sales@reportsnow.com. To suggest a new Template for our consideration, please email wishlist@reportsnow.com.

Contracts, Billing & Sales

For contract administration, billing inquiries, and related administration follow these recommended best practices for your software rollout.


Invoices – Our invoices are submitted electronically, so please verify that accounting@reportsnow.com is a known email domain to ensure your invoices are not sent to your junk mail.

General Billing – For general billing questions and accounting contact changes, please email accounting@reportsnow.com.

Customer Profile or Address Changes – Please email accounting@reportsnow.com to request a customer profile form to update your account information. Once completed, please return the form to the same address.


Additional Licenses, New Products, and Customer Relationships – For additional services and products, please contact sales@reportsnow.com.

Trade Shows and User Conferences – Contact sales@reportsnow.com to inquire about which trade shows we may be attending. Feel free to visit us at any major JDE trade show or conference.